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GradeMetrix is a versatile and complete 2D and 3D machine control solution designed for excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders, and scrapers. Whether you're working with a brand-new or secondhand machine, GradeMetrix can be retrofitted to enhance performance and precision for excavating, grading, compaction and mining applications.

The system supports industry standard file formats (dwg, dxf, LandXML) as well as In-field design so you can build flat pads, single, dual, or multiple slopes on the fly. Its hardware has undergone extensive shock, vibration, and environmental testing to ensure that it's ready to stand up to the harshest jobsite conditions.

An Introduction to GradeMetrix...

Why choose GradeMetrix?

Proven Track Record

Hemisphere's VR1000 receiver and antennas power Volvo Construction's 'Dig Assist' machine control solution, with zero mechanical failures reported on thousands of units supplied

Cost-Effective Entry

GradeMetrix offers a lower entry cost compared to its competitors.

3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with an industry leading 3-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring your investment is protected

Exceptional Return On Investment

GradeMetrix boosts productivity, reduces rework, and achieves precise finished grades to deliver an excellent return on investment

World-Class GNSS Performance

Benefit from Hemisphere's world-class GNSS accuracy and reliability for your projects


GradeMetrix is easy to install, use, and requires minimal after-sales support

Remote Support

Remote technical support can be provided directly to the cab's display through TeamViewer

No Additional Activations

Unlike some competitors, GradeMetrix comes fully loaded supporting the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations and doesn't charge extra to unlock them

Quick Installation

An experienced installer can have a system calibrated and running in 4 to 6 hours

Global Compatibility

GradeMetrix supports global map projections for precise localization

Bucket Presets

Pre-measure and save the configuration of buckets in GradeMetrix for quick and easy selection when changing attachments on excavators

Machine Agnostic

GradeMetrix is agnostic in that it can be fitted on different types of machines with a simple unlock activation (e.g. from an excavator to a dozer)

Third-Party Compatibility

It works with 3rd party GNSS RTK base stations and radios, offering flexibility on job sites that operate other manufacturers' machine control solutions


It's an indicate-only system that doesn't interface with the machine's hydraulics so can fit a vast array of machines. Fully automated systems are also current being developed

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