For more than 25 years, Quality Positioning Services (QPS) have been experts in maritime geomatics software and services. They are unique in that their solutions encompass the entire workflow, from the surveyor all the way to the pilot. Their solutions are used across a variety of industries, including hydrographic surveying, dredging, offshore construction, oil and gas, offshore wind farm support, chart production, and piloting.

QPS is headquartered in Zeist, The Netherlands, and has subsidiary offices located in Portsmouth, USA; Fredericton, Canada; and Banbury, UK.

Data Acquisition Software

Data Processing Software

Qinsy is a survey planning, acquisition, and real-time hydrographic data processing solution, supporting a wide variety of industries, from simple single beam surveys to complex offshore construction works.

Simply put, there is no job that Qinsy can't handle. It has the features and capabilities to meet any client demand. And with stability that is well-known and renowned throughout the industry, clients can feel assured they have a reliable software to ensure even the most difficult jobs through to completion.

 -  Licenses available by subscription, as perpetual, or on a rental basis
 - Softlock and dongle options are available
 - Licenses include online and phone support services
 - Licenses include access to our latest updates and features
 - Licenses keeps you on the cutting edge of the industry

Multi-object support
Precisely track the position of multiple defined objects in support of dredging and marine construction applications.

Multi-sensor acquisition
Acquire data from multiple sensors simultaneously.

Sensor type support
Singlebeam, multibeam, laser, side scan sonar, magnetometer, seismic support, and sub bottom profiling.

Positioning and filtering
Multiple inputs (e.g. GPS, INS, tide, USBL, draft, etc.) for real-time positioning in 3D. Can be used in a Kalman filter.

Real-time processing
View processed point clouds, bathymetric grids, and side scan sonar mosaicks during their acquisition, for optimal qa/qc and "at-the-dock" product delivery.

Real-time displays
Navigation display (layers:ENC, DXF/DWG, Geotiff ECW) multibeam displays, Numerics, profile display, and 3D displays.

Autonomous support
Autonomous vessel support with mission planning, intelligent auto-line generation, and remote display and control.

Dredging support
Setup applications, object configuration, monitoring, visualization, safety precautions, and reporting tools for dredging.

Geodetics support
Datum transformation and geoid model support, EPSG database, and predefined transformations.

Customized input/output
Customized or generic drivers, log files, and exports allows for optimal client flexibility.

Survey manager
Line planning, grid operations, volume calculations, plotting, and many more tools in support of all phases of survey.

Proven technology for real-time, continuous operations, running 24 hours a day and 7 days a week - no stoppages.

Pipelaying support
Ensure positioning of the pipe, vessel, tugs, and along prescribed routes. Includes anchor handling functions.

Rockdumping support
Positioning and monitoring for rockdumping.

Rig move support
Visualization, anchor handling tools, and tug operations for drilling rig moves.


The simplest but also the most advanced multibeam bathymetry processing software

The mission of Qimera is to make hydrographic data processing as intuitive and as simple as possible, while still offering powerful capabilities to those that need them, without cluttering the workflow for those that don't.

Qimera ensures absolute ease of use, allowing for inexperienced personnel to easily be using Qimera while the automated and streamlined workflow effectively circumvents human error that might result otherwise. Yet still the software contains the most advanced and cutting-edge tools to ensure the highest quality products, delivered in the most timely fashion.

 - Licenses available by subscription, as perpetual, or on a rental basis
 - Softlock and dongle options are available
 - Licenses include online and phone support services
 - Licenses include access to the latest updates and features
 - Licenses keeps you on the cutting edge of the industry

Full sonar processing
Covers all major manufacturers for any survey platform, including surface vessels, ROV, AUV, and ASV.

Point cloud processing
Includes editing, filtering, and cleaning for a wide variety of point cloud formats.

Automated data import
Rich data extraction allows for a "hands-off" data import and automatically generated vessel files.

Guided workflows
Automated suggestions of the next logical user action, to guide personnel and eliminate human error.

Processing state management
Intelligent processing management to ensure the correct sequence of post-processing actions with a single click.

Qimera Live
"Hands-off" near-real time data processing and gridding.

Qimera Midwater
Add-on for fast, accurate water-column processing for QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL and KMALL, and Reson/Norbit S7K formats.

Backscatter processing
Add-on for seabed backscatter processing and mosaicking via Fledermaus Geocoder Toolbox.

Multibeam calibration
Easy to use Patch Test tool with auto-solve functions for quick use.

Time series editors and multiplots
Easily view and correlate motion data streams with bathymetry for fast and intuitive troubleshooting.

Cross check tool
Performs a statistical analysis of cross line beam footprint values versus a main scheme surface, with plot exports for reporting.

Automated data cleaning
Customizable and easy to use filters include the Spline filter, CUBE filter, and Blocking filters.

Multi-processor workflows
Cooperative Cleaning and Production Line Processing workflows allow for multiple processors for work on the same project simultaneously.

Product generation
Visualization, gridding, and data exporting in various formats.

"Connected" S-57 feature management
Add-on allows for S-57 feature creation and editing while maintaining linkages to bathymetry to ensure final charting products are synced.

Wobble tool
Quickly identify and resolve any errors made in the multibeam and motion sensor integration.

TU Delft sound speed inversion
Sound speed refraction algorithm is automated, repeatable, and generates output for vetting and reporting.

Extinction tests
Finds the outer extents that a multibeam system can achieve, helpful as an assessment of long-term acoustic health.


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