Teledyne Odom are leaders in the design and manufacture of hydrographic sounding systems that are in wide use by survey companies, navy’s and government charting agencies around the world. The product range comprises of sound velocity profilers, sub bottom profilers, transducers, single beam and multibeam echosounders.

The company was incorporated in 1985 to manufacture and sell hydrographic survey equipment. During the first seven years, Odom Hydrographic Systems, Inc. provided over 300 MKI EchoTrac echo sounders to organisations such as the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and the Panama Canal Commission. Additionally, EchoTrac echo sounders are supplied to numerous navies, port authorities, and research firms world-wide. The company became part of the Teledyne Marine Group in 2010.

Multibeam Echosounders

Sound Velocity Profilers

EchoTrac E20

The new ECHOTRAC E20 is the result of more than 40 years of experience in precise echosounding and market leading sonar technology.

A portable, compact and robust echosounder designed for survey in all environments allowing you to maximize your utilization of the equipment and reducing your costs by having oneunit for all applications.

Easy to use and fast to mobilize, the E20 allows you to begin your survey rapidly, delivering accurate results first time, every time. The E20 saves time and enables you to get results faster.

The ECHOTRAC E20 completes our portfolio of sonar solutions introducing yet another groundbreaking innovation into the day-to-day work life of our customers.

Special features include:
 - 1 or 2 frequency agile channels from 10 to 250kHz
 - 0.2 to 6,000 m depth range
 - Ruggedized and shock-proof, water resistant IP67
 - Precise and reliable survey data for shorter data processing time, enabling you to complete your project faster.
 - Dual channel survey echosounder from very shallow to deep sea, from 10 kHz to 250 kHz – giving you the flexibility for all your survey projects, maximizing utilization of your investment.
 - The compact system with minimal interfacing effort, allows for fast mobilization, and extremely low space to go anywhere, enabling you to start work immediately.
 - Intuitive user interface, easy to use, so you can focus on the job at hand.
 - The ECHOTRAC E20 is compatible with a broad range of transducers with straightforward transducer interfacing.

EchoTrac CV-100

Sharing technologies with both the popular Echotrac echo sounders, the CV100 provides the user with the option of going to all digital. With this model, the paper chart is eliminated in favor of data collection on the data acquisition system PC. Full control of the sounder is maintained via a menu system similar to that featured in the Echotrac.

Key features:
 - Frequency agile receiver
 - Depth range 30cm to 600m
 - Lightweight - 5kg (11lbs)
 - Desktop or bulkhead mountable

EchoTrac CV-200/300

Dual and triple channel echosounder incorporating a PC

Odom delivers the perfect union of flexibility and technology viewed through a user-friendly networked Windows interface. Alongside the advance features and options that make the Echotrac MKIII such an outstanding product, the CV brings users to the next level by providing an optional third acoustic channel. Whether it's side-scan, bathymetric or shallow sub bottom investigation, the CV has the flexibility to handle the task.

Special features include:
 - Possible to add a third acoustic channel
 - Multi-frequency (high: 100kHz-1MHz, low: 3.5-50kHz)
 - Selectable TVG curves (10 Log, 20 Log, 30 Log, 40 Log & Off)
 - Internal data storage and playback with color LCD model
 - Ethernet interface
 - Optional side scan transducer
 - Ultra shallow water transducer
 - Flash memory upgrade​

EchoTrac CVM

Portable dual frequency echosounder in a ruggedised case

The rugged and weatherproof Echotrac CVM outperforms all other echo sounders in its class by offering the utmost portability without sacrificing Odom performance standards. With dual or single frequency configurations, optional built-in DGPS and bundled notebook PC with your choice of data acquisition software, the CVM has everything you need in an echo sounder even when portability is not an issue.

Key features:
​ - Portable, weatherproof; rugged transit case design
 - Dual or single frequency mode operation
 - Multi-frequency (high: 100 - 340kHz, low: 24-50kHz)
 - Ethernet interface
 - Optional built-in DGPS receiver
 - Optional side-scan transducer
 - Flash memory upgrade

EchoTrac MkIII

Dual frequency single beam echosounder with paper or electronic display

The Echotrac MKIII is the only sounder on the market offering you the choice of either a high resolution thermal paper recorder or a full-sized high bright color LCD chart in interchangeable module format. Both high and low channels feature frequency agility, enabling the operator to precisely match the transceiver to almost any existing transducer. This ability minimizes near-surface noise caused by transducer ringing while increasing echo return strength. The MKIII is capable of both shallow and deep water operations and features unsurpassed interfacing flexibility with four serial ports and high speed Ethernet capability for maximum efficiency.

Special features include:
 - ​Interchangeable paper chart or color LCD
 - Multi-frequency (high: 100kHz-1MHz, low: 3.5-50kHz)
 - Desktop, bulkhead or rack mount
 - Internal data storage and playback with color LCD model
 - Ethernet interface
 - Optional built-in DGPS receiver
 - Optional side-scan transducer
 - Ultra shallow water transducer​​
 - Flash memory upgrade​​

HydroTrac II

Portable single frequency sounder for inshore surveys

Specifically designed for work in less-than-ideal circumstances on small survey boats and inflatable watercraft, the Hydrotrac II offers compact portability and the confidence of knowing you're using a proven Odom product. It is completely waterproof and comes equipped with the same advanced features you've come to trust and depend on in Odom echo sounders.

Key features:
 - Ideal for small boats and harsh conditions
 - Ethernet LAN interface
 - Frequency agile
 - High resolution thermal printer
 - Optional Internal GPS
 - Waterproof (with front cover in place)
 - Flash upgradeable
 - Side scan option


200 to 460kHz multi-beam echosounder

The MB2 Multibeam Echosounder is developed for fast mobilization on smaller vessels and is optimized for shallow water survey companies, Port and Harbour Authorities, dredging companies and other users looking for an easy to use, quick to deploy, high resolution system.

MB2 features a dedicated cylindrical transmit array and broad range of sounding frequencies improving on the performance of the MB1 by offering a wider coverage and narrower acoustic beam.

Key features:
​ - Selectable swath width up to 140 degrees
 - Acoustic beam width 1.8° x 1.8°
 - User selectable frequency range from 200 to 460 kHz
 - Integrated IMU and GPS heading system (Optional)
 - Integrated real-time SVP sensor (Optional)​

Digibar Pro

Single point sound velocity measurement system with real time readout

The Digibar Pro is the most cost-effective means of obtaining accurate water column sound velocities. Used primarily to calibrate acoustic systems, the Digibar Pro offers a fast and safe method for sound velocity calibration as compared to the traditional "bar-check" Regardless of sea state or current, the probe is simply lowered into the water to log sound velocity / depth samples (by time or depth interval) as the probe descends. The "sing-around" principle of velocity measurement automatically compensates for all influences including pressure, water salinity and temperature.

Digibar S

Self-recording profiling sound velocity instrument

The rugged all stainless steel Digibar S was designed for un-tethered sound velocity casting. This configuration frees the probe from its electrical cable making deeper sound speed profiling a much easier and more reliable task. With a 500 m maximum depth capability and storage for multiple casts, the "S's" flexible design still maintains some of the best features of the popular Digibar Pro.

Immediately before the unit is deployed, a simple system of flashing LEDs serves to confirm battery status, pressure sensor status, and overall probe operation. The confirming indicators drastically reduce the possibility of retrieving a deployment only to find that there is no data to show for the effort. Logging parameters are setup via a simple Windows interface communicating through your PC's USB port. That same port is used to download the results of the cast and to charge the probe's internal batteries. Cast data (sound velocity, temperature, pressure, and time) are stored internal to the probe in EEPROM. This means that critical measurements are maintained independently from the batteries that power the unit's time of flight velocity determining circuitry, thereby providing an extra layer of security for the all-important cast results.

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