The main activity of QPS, a member of the Saab group, is focused on system integration and the development of software systems that are used for hydrographic surveys, seafloor mapping, portable pilot units and ENC production. QPS is seen as a market leader in these fields. The key technology of QPS is based on precise navigation, the collection and presentation of large volumes of navigation and depth data, all in real-time. This also includes new techniques for 3D visualisation of the underwater environment.

QPS systems are used onboard offshore construction vessels, pipe-lay barges, drilling rigs, seismic research vessels and hydrographic survey vessels. QPS has a fast growing market share in the offshore oil and gas industry, dredging industry and port communities.


Data Acquisition Software

Data Processing Software

QINSy (Quality Integrated Navigation System) is a hydrographic data acquisition, navigation and processing software package. The suite of applications can be used for various types of surveys, ranging from simple single beam surveys up to complex offshore construction works.


QINSy is available in four base license types, each license being expandable with one or more add-on modules in order to tailor a base license to meet your particular survey requirements.

QINSy Inshore
This low cost QINSy Inshore license is “easy to operate” hydrographic survey software. It allows the user to interface one GNSS, one heading device and one singlebeam echosounder (dual frequency). With limited displays and functionality it is simple to use and is ideal for small scale projects.
QINSy Inshore comes with real-time data acquisition, full survey planning, data cleaning/validation and map plotting functionality.

QINSy is our single sensor version and is more complete than QINSy Inshore. The basic QINSy version allows the user to define one object ( e.g. a vessel) and one instance of each survey sensor type, i.e. one GNSS, one gyro, one MRU, three multi-beam (requires multi-beam add-on), one SSS (requires side scan sonar add-on) and so on. Nevertheless, QINSy has full display support.
QINSy comes with real-time data acquisition, full survey planning, data cleaning/validation and map plotting functionality.

This is our full and complete license of QINSy. It allows definition of multiple objects and multiple instances of each sensor type, e.g. dual MBES systems. In total QINSy Pro can interface up to 256 sensor systems. This version is ideal for larger survey operations where redundant systems are a must. With support for multiple objects, QINSy Pro is used for all types of offshore activities like anchor handling, pipe-lay operations, tug management and, of course, ROV and AUV surveys.
QINSy Pro comes with real-time data acquisition, full survey planning, data cleaning/validation and map plotting functionality. It is easily customized with add-on modules like the MBES and SSS modules, or the Remote Display Client (RDC) add-on which allows dongle free remote QINSy displays to be used on computers connected to the main QINSy Survey license via LAN/WiFi.

QINSy Office
QINSy Office is our office based license, intended primarily for data replay and processing activities. It is essentially a duplicate of the QINSy Proc license except that it does not read raw data through sensor I/O but rather from database files recorded with one of the QINSy acquisition licenses. Raw data stored in database files can be replayed with the same, or different settings used by the acquisition license, generating new results that are cleaned and plotted on a chart with QINSy Office.
This license type comes with full survey planning, data cleaning/validation functionality and map plotting. For processing MBES or SSS data QINSy Office needs to be customized with the relevant add-on modules, the same as QINSy or QINSy Pro.

The simplest but also the most advanced multibeam bathymetry processing software

Qimera is an easy to use, yet the most powerful sonar data processing application, designed to process, analyze and visualize multibeam echosounder data. Built using core QPS technologies, Qimera naturally supports the QINSy data logging format in addition to sonar file formats from other hardware and software manufacturers. Qimera intelligently and interactively guides the operator through the typical data processing stages, simplifying what traditionally has been a convoluted process. Qimera's Dynamic Workflow™ greatly improves the operator experience when processing hydrographic data by allowing users to configure the application to respond immediately to their actions in such a manner that all data products and intermediate files are automatically updated after each action. If the user edits data or modifies a processing configuration, Qimera can queue the appropriate reprocessing steps and update all derivative products. Qimera uniquely remembers what actions and settings have been applied to the project data, and so is able to highlight files that need further processing actions in order to complete the workflow.

Qimera extracts as much information as possible from incoming data files, including all ancillary data and survey vessel information, such that users who configure this information correctly during acquisition can get immediately to work without the hassle of configuring a project. Users who come to Qimera with data that is fully populated with ancillary data and vessel information can create map products and can begin reviewing their data in a matter of minutes.

Qimera offers the typical complement of multibeam data review and editing tools such as a Time-Series Editor, Sound Velocity Profile Editor, a Patch Test Calibration Tool as well as advanced tools such as the Wobble Diagnosis Toolkit for troubleshooting common sensor installation/integration issues. Using the latest computing technologies, the unique I/O Balanced Multi-Core engine in Qimera is specifically designed to process sonar data as rapidly as possible. All processing is done as a background task such that the user can continue to interact with the project. 

 - Full sonar processing data in the following formats: QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL, RESON/Norbit S7K, Hypack HSX, GSF, Edgetech JSF, ELAC XSE
 - Bathymetry processing for all survey platforms: Vessel, ROV, AUV, USV
 - Point Cloud cleaning for data in the following formats: LAS, QINSy QPD/QTM, Caris HDCS, Hypack HS2 & HS2X, GSF, ASCII, FAU, PDS, FBT, HTF, Neptune *.depth, Atlas SURF
 - Guided workflows with minimal user input to reduce human error and training requirement
 - 64-bit multi-platform compliant – works with Windows, MacOS, Linux
 - Qimera Live - Near real-time data processing – just a button not a separate package
 - Qimera Midwater – Fast, accurate Water Column processing for wrecks and other hard targets in the following formats
 - QINSy DB, Kongsberg ALL, RESON/Norbit S7K – (an Add-on to Qimera and Qimera Pro)
 - FMGT for backscatter processing (an Add-on to all Qimera versions)
 - Easy to use multibeam calibration (Patch Test) tool.
 - Problem data solving using the unique Wobble Tool.
 - Post processed navigation/inertial data support
 - Automated data cleaning routines: Spline filter, CUBE filter, Blocking filters


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