Positioning and heading OEM boards

Develop sophisticated machine control and navigation solutions in a complex world full of dynamic environments. The Vega 28, 40, 34 and 60 are our most advanced GNSS heading and positioning boards.

They all use dual antenna ports to create a series of additional capabilities including fast, high-accuracy heading over short baselines, RTK positioning, onboard Atlas L-band, RTK-enabled heave, low-power consumption, and precise timing.

With the Vega boards, positioning is scalable and field upgradeable with all Hemisphere software and service options. Utilize the same centimeter-level accuracy in either single frequency mode, or employ the full performance and fast RTK initialization times over long distances with multi-frequency multi-constellation GNSS signals. High-accuracy L-band positioning from meter to sub-decimeter levels available via Atlas correction service.

Leverage the industry standard form factor for easy upgradeability from other manufacturers’ modules.

Universal Development Kit (UDK) v2

The Universal Development Kit ST allows you to integrate a Hemisphere GNSS OEM board into your design. The Universal Development Kit ST supports the following Hemisphere GNSS OEM boards:

- Phantom™ 20
- Phantom™ 34
- Phantom™ 40
- Vega™ 28
- Vega™ 34
- Vega™ 40
- Vega™ 60

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