Differential OEM boards


Improve GNSS positioning accuracy by adding L-Band differential capability with Hemisphere GNSS’ LX-3™ OEM board. L-Band differential signal corrections are broadcast via satellites to cover most land areas worldwide. The LX-3, coupled with Hemisphere GNSS’ exclusive P206, P306, and H200 boards, can track L-Band high precision signals that improve position accuracy to better than 10 cm. It is an ideal alternative or backup to other differential sources such as RTK, SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, etc.) and radiobeacon, especially in regions where those signals are difficult or impossible to track.

The LX-3 automatically tracks the best differential satellite broadcast if more than one is available in a particular region or tracks a specific satellite manually set by the user.

The LX-3 comes as an OEM board that can easily be mounted with a P206, P306, or H200 board for optimal performance.


Provide a reliable source of differential corrections with the SBX- 4™ radiobeacon board that augments a separate GPS receiver with free accuracy-improving correction data from networks of beacon stations located throughout the world.

With dual-channel architecture to ensure the best station is always being decoded, the SBX-4 delivers high performance reception and a wide range of functionality including the capability to be tuned to signal strength or station distance.

The SBX-4 outputs the industry standard RTCM SC-104 format accepted by differential-ready GPS receivers and can also be configured and monitored with NMEA 0183 protocol.

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