Company Profile

Teledyne Odom are leaders in the design and manufacture of hydrographic sounding systems that are in wide use by survey companies, navy’s and government charting agencies around the world. The product range comprises of :

- MB-2, 200 to 460kHz multi-beam echosounder seafloor mapping system

- MB-1, 170 to 220kHz multi-beam echosounder seafloor mapping system

- EchoTrac MkIII, dual frequency single beam echosounder with paper or electronic display

- EchoTrac  CV-200/300, dual and triple channel sounder incorporating a PC

- EchoTrac CVM, portable dual frequency sounder in a ruggedised case

- HydroTrac II, portable single frequency sounder for inshore surveys

- EchoTrac CV-100, “black box” single frequency echosounder

- DigibarPro, single point sound velocity measurement system with real time readout

- Digibar-S, self-recording profiling sound velocity instrument

The company was incorporated in 1985 to manufacture and sell hydrographic survey equipment. During the first seven years, Odom Hydrographic Systems, Inc. provided over 300 MKI EchoTrac echo sounders to organisations such as the U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and the Panama Canal Commission. Additionally, EchoTrac echo sounders are supplied to numerous navies, port authorities, and research firms world-wide. The company became part of the Teledyne Marine Group in 2010.

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MB-2 Multibeam Echosounder

The MB2 Multibeam Echosounder is developed for fast mobilisation on smaller vessels and is optimised for shallow water survey companies, Port and Harbour Authorities, dredging companies and other users looking for an easy to use, quick to deploy, high resolution system.

As an option MB2 can be supplied with an integrated IMU and GPS heading system as well as an integrated real-time SVP sensor to simplify installation and calibration, making the MB2 perfect for use on vessels of opportunity, small survey launches and ASVs.

MB2 features a dedicated cylindrical transmit array and broad range of sounding frequencies improving on the performance of the MB1 by offering a wider coverage and narrower acoustic beam.

   - Selectable swath width up to 140 degrees

   - Acoustic beam width 1.8° x 1.8°

   - User selectable frequency range from 200 to 460 kHz

   - Integrated IMU and GPS heading system (Optional)

   - Integrated real-time SVP sensor (Optional)

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