Basic Hemisphere GNSS commands used to communicate with your receiver

Detailed below are a few basic commands to help you communicate with your Hemisphere GNSS receiver. Please enter them exactly as shown below, through the appropriate terminal field in your chosen communication programme (e.g. PocketMax 3, SLXMon, HyperTerminal)

Please follow the link below to learn more about these commands and how to use them to configure your Hemisphere GNSS Receiver

Locating your receivers’ $JI code

- To purchase an activation for your receiver, first you must supply your dealer with your receivers $JI code in order for an activation to be generated.

- Connect your receiver to your laptop or computer, open PocketMax 3 and search for your receiver at the correct baud rate

- Go to the ‘Terminal’ tab of PocketMax 3

- Type $JI

- Click ‘Send’

- Copy and paste the full response into an email and send it to your dealer

What is PocketMax 3?

Designed by Hemisphere GNSS, PocketMax 3 is a software tool used to effectively and easily communicate with any Hemisphere GNSS OEM board, receiver or smart antenna.

Where can I download PocketMax 3?

Please note that PocketMax 3 is only available for Windows PC’s and mobile devices

How can I activate a subscription code on a Hemisphere GNSS receiver using PocketMax 3?

- Connect your receiver to your laptop or computer, open PocketMax 3 and search for your receiver at the correct baud rate

- Go to the ‘Terminal’ tab of PocketMax 3

- Enter your subscription code into the terminal field exactly as written by your dealer. The code needs to start with $JK,

- Click ‘Send’ and you should receive either of the responses detailed below.

- If you receive the response ‘subscription accepted’, your receiver is now activated to receive the input subscription and you can now exit PocketMax 3.

- If you received the response ‘Invalid code’, you have either incorrectly entered your subscription code or the code is invalid. Before contacting your dealer, please ensure you entered the subscription code exactly as written by your dealer. Please note that your subscription code will never contain the letter ‘O’ or letter ‘I’ due to being easily confused with the number ‘0’ or letter ‘l’. Any ‘0’ will be written as the number ‘0’ and not the letter ‘O’.

- If the subscription is still not accepted, contact your dealer.

How can I set my receiver to output specific NMEA messages?

- Boot up PocketMax 3 and connect your receiver to your computer

- Select the port tab that you wish to output the messages

- Scroll down the list to the message which you would like to be output

- Near the bottom of the window there is a field which you can change from ‘Off’ to whichever output rate you wish the message to be set to (please note: 10Hz can only be output on receivers with 10Hz data output activated on their receivers, likewise with 20Hz)

What is SLXMon?

SLXMon is an alternate software tool similar to PocketMax 3 used for communicating between a laptop and GNSS receivers. It provides more detailed information and is intended for advanced users.

Please note: SLXMon automatically activates binary data strings which you can deactivate at the end of the session by going to the ‘control and data flow’ tab, and unchecking the message selection boxes. SLXMon will not be able to operate when this is done.

Where can I download SLXMon?

PocketMax 3 User Manual.pdf

SLXMon Introductory Guide.pdf


This section is centred around communication issues and is split into 3 subheadings

(Commands, PocketMax3 and SLXMon). Please scroll down further to see these sections.