Company Profile

SATEL Oy is a world leading manufacturer of data communications products and systems. Based in Finland, the company was founded in 1986 and has quickly grown to become a key player in the telemetry products market. Cornerstones of Satel's success are the experienced personnel, reliable products, innovativeness, effectiveness, service level and customer needs driven focus on everything they do. Consequently, Satel possesses the world's widest selection of products in its field.

One of the main sectors Satel focus on is GNSS data telemetry, and here are a few examples of where some of their products fit in:

- Land and marine surveys – Relaying correction data to and from RTK base station and rovers

- Agriculture – Precision farming

- Machine control - Based to positioning information

- Harbour logistics - Wireless container positioning information and terminal management systems

- Port cranes - Remote and real-time control based to positioning information

For a brief look at the markets and applications SATEL has products to provide a solution for, please take a look at the PDF file below.

Please see our Downloads page for full product specifications on SATEL radio solutions.