Company Profile

Aquabotix is the technology leader in portable underwater vehicles. Our vehicles are faster, smarter, more capable and more affordable than other inspection/observation class ROVs. Aquabotix vehicles are simple to use yet powerful enough to accomplish complex missions. We have taken state of the art technology from above the water and transformed it for use below the surface.

Our portfolio of products includes remotely operated vehicle (ROVs), hybrid autonomous/remote underwater vehicles (ROV/AUV hybrid) and underwater camera systems. Aquabotix products are utilized in commercial, educational, industrial, government, military and recreational applications by anyone looking to explore under water.


Endura ROV

The Aquabotix Endura is the latest evolution in Aquabotix’s proud history of innovative and advanced remote operated vehicles (ROVs). Endura is easy to use, portable (everything fits into one carry case), and can be customized with a variety of sensors to complete your mission whether simple or complex. Endura is small in size, but powerful in execution, with an industry-leading 5 knots of thrust and a sturdy hydrodynamic design. Its six degrees freedom of motion allows users to fly through the water with intuitive controls.

Key features

- 1080p True HD camera with pan and tilt

  1. -6 degrees freedom of motion

- 5 knots of thrust

  1. -High intensity 4400 lumen LED lighting as standard

  1. -Multiple sensor package options

- 3 minutes to deploy from case to water

  1. -3 hours of flying to achieve a strong competency

  1. -3 days of flying to achieve a professional competency

  1. -Up to 6 pounds payload

  1. -Up to 300m depth rating

- Orientation, depth, water temperature and leak detection sensors fitted as standard

  1. -Record, collect and analyze data sets collected from sensors in real time.

  1. -Single person deployable

  1. -Piloted using an iPad or laptop running Aquabotix bespoke software

- Live remote viewing enables real-time underwater viewing and control of the Endura remotely via the cloud.

Multiple add-ons and sensor options

  1. -Side Scan Sonar                               - Multi-beam sonar

  1. -Scanning Sonar                                - GPS

  1. -Manipulator arm                                - Water sample collector

  1. -Fish plow                                           - First person view goggles

  1. -Laser Scaler                                      - USBL

  1. -Metal Thickness Gauge                    - Satellite communications

  1. -Doppler Velocity Logger                   - User control workstation

- Environmental sensors (Turbidity, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Oxy. Reduction potential, Ammonium, Chloride, Nitrate)


Hybrid ARV

The Aquabotix Hybrid ARV (autonomous remote vehicle) is the first true hybrid AUV/ROV for shallow water tasks. Hybrid ARV searches wide areas using AUV mode (untethered) and conducts detailed inspections using ROV mode (tethered). Switching to ROV mode is simple; attach the tether to remotely control the vehicle’s six degrees freedom of motion. When running the vehicle in autonomous operation, all mission planning is completed in an intuitive windows based application. Hybrid ARV is single person deployable and battery operated.

Key features

- 1080p True HD camera with tilt

  1. -Up to 8+ hours of untethered autonomous operation

  1. -Up to 300m depth rating

- Range of 8 - 10 nautical miles in autonomous mode

- 5 knots of thrust

  1. -6 degrees freedom of motion in ROV mode

  1. -Multiple sensor package options

  1. -8 pounds payload capability as standard and up to 24 pounds of additional payload

- Orientation, depth, water temperature and GPS sensors fitted as standard

Multiple add-ons and sensor options

  1. -Side Scan Sonar

  1. -Scanning Sonar

  1. -Doppler Velocity Logger


  1. -Wi-Fi communications

  1. -Bluetooth communications

- Environmental sensors (Turbidity, Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Oxy. Reduction potential, Ammonium, Chloride, Nitrate)


The AquaLens Connect is an underwater camera system designed to capture high quality underwater video and still images at the click of a button. It captures full 1080p HD video and transfers a live feed to the surface on the user’s iPad or laptop computer. The AquaLens Connect includes a pan and tilt camera with digital zoom and has different lighting options including one that tracks with the camera.

AquaLens Connect can be used individually or with multiple units and can be combined into a network of underwater cameras, all controlled and viewed on one screen through Aquabotix's proprietary operating system. Whether used for occasional inspection or continuous underwater surveillance, AquaLens Connect is easy to use and maintain.

Key features

- 1080p HD Camera with120 Degree Pan and 120 Degree Tilt

- 5 m Tether – Longer Lengths Available

- Depth Rating 100m – Also available with 300 m Depth Rating

- 32 GB Memory with Video Recording and Picture Taking in App

- Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connection to an iPad or Laptop Computer

- Live Viewing and Control in Remote Locations via the Cloud

- Network Size Up to 32 Cameras

- High Intensity LED Lighting Available including Tracking with Camera